Are you interested in joining? We would love to have you! Please email Sami for details. 

1.) Applique Block Swap is open to all skill levels.
2.) International Welcome! You must be willing to ship internationally.
3.) Only use quilt shop quality fabrics.
4.) Unless everyone agrees all background blocks must be 12.5 inches or smaller.  If enough people want to go larger then we will.

As soon as I have 8 people who wish to participate we will start swapping! 

General Information:

 Partner assignments will be emailed on the 25th of each month.

If you desire to take a month off you have to let the Swap Leader (Me) know before partner assignments come out on the 25th.  If you take a month or two off it is fine and all you need to do is let me know when you want to start swapping again.

As soon after that as possible you will send your partner your background fabric block 12.5 inches or smaller.  It can also be a rectangle or whatever shape you want but should not be more than 156 square inches.  Quilt math, how I love it.  To find square inches multiply length by width.

You can also show your partner pictures of applique blocks you like, tell them the colors you would like the applique to be.  

For instance on the 3rd of the month you receive a 12.5 inch block of Kona Charcoal in the mail from your partner and you have exchanged emails in which she has said she likes flower applique and would like "needle turn" applique as the preferred method.  She also likes orange, aqua and red.  She has shown you a few blocks from the internet and so you have an idea what she likes.

Now it is up to you.  The only hard and fast rule is use the applique method your partner prefers and the colors she likes from your own stash to make her applique block.

Blocks should be back in the mail to your partner by the last day of each month.

Sneak Peeks can be posted here on the blog and once you receive your finished block you should post a picture here on the blog or email it to me and I can do it.

Now the bad stuff:

If you are going to be late it is IMPERATIVE that you let your partner know before the last day of the month so that they know their block will be on the way.

If you receive a block but do not make one in return for even one month you will be removed from the swap for a mandatory 6 months.  If you made or are making a block and are going to be late, let your partner know before the end of the month!

I have heard stories and I have my own stories about being in swaps and sending out blocks month after month and not getting anything back.  It is extremely unfair to receive some one else's hard work and not reciprocate.  

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